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  1. JUST _COACH自五月十四號起郵局USPS已經全面的取消海運的服務了喔...

  2. just because 和only because都可以 但only 比較強調"唯一"性 "哲"單單ㄧ個字的話我不太清楚 不過通常哲是指哲學,明智的,有見識的 wise 例;You are wise not to join the club 譯;

  3. Just smooth down your temper. As the matter of fact, though you disappoint against it. To the contrary, however, you can deem it as experience so as avoid from doing so repeatedly.

  4. Just type in the ip address in the following website then you ll know.

  5. Just let it be yours without worry. To the contrary, however, you had better pay great attention not to be repeat any mistake again.

  6. <embed src="" autostart="1" loop="1" volume="0" width="140" height="40"></embed> 不知道是不是妳要的---貼看看吧。^^ 2006-08-28 11:50:34 補充: <embed src...

  7. Q:這個只有顯示在世界地圖上嗎? A:這個只有顯示在世界地圖上的,Google地圖 Q:能顯示在FaceBook(FB)或YAHOO部落格上給更多人看嗎? A:這功能好像暫時還沒有...

  8. 已經寄到你信箱嚕~~ 有收到吧~~~ 沒有再跟我講~~~ 那個影片剛我今天抓下來.... 還真巧阿~~XD 2008-05-18 22:04:57 補充: 那你要等吧= =我還要去找轉檔程式轉成WMA

  9. just ask herself or himself.........

  10. jk: Just kidding gj: good job! 其它的感覺很多 給您網頁自己看看吧

  1. just 相關