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  1. ...complex calculations yield an Easter date of anywhere between March 22 and April...2010-04-01 20:45:56 補充: but based on the Julian calendar (on which ...

    分類:文學及人文學 > 歷史 2010年03月31日

  2. ...on January 7, which corresponds to December 25 of the Julian calendar. These dates are merely traditional and neither is thought to be the actual ...

    分類:文學及人文學 > 歷史 2006年12月06日

  3. ... Posthumous name None4 General note: Dates given here are in the proleptic Julian calendar. They are not in the proleptic Gregorian calendar.. ...

    分類:文學及人文學 > 歷史 2006年11月28日