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  1. ...9.The Legislative Council---立法會 10.The Judiciary ---司法機構.司法部

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  2. ...08 補充: You can simply make reference to any recent judgments (from judiciary website) concerning similar personal injury cases, I am not...

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  3. ...noun,the executive is responsible for putting laws into effect,compare Judiciary ,Legislature. Chief executive is the top job. As an...

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  4. You can visit the website: http://www. judiciary and get the information.

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  5. ... a fair,clean and honest society under the rule of law.The goovernment and the judiciary have tried to maintain these good qualities.In a fair society,everyone...

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  6. ...補充: Details can be found in the following link: http://www. judiciary

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  7. and social classes and luxurious lives. Therefore, only fair judiciary can help to solve this problem. No matter who in which social class commit any ...

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  8. ...this exaggerated praise due to its political stability and a complete judiciary system. ~~~Furthermore, the quality and moral value of most of the Hong...

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  9. 1.香港特別行政區享有行政、立法及獨立司法權,包括終審權。 2.香港特別行政區須依法保護私產擁有權。 3.香港居民的人身自由不可侵犯。 4.行政長官 5.主法會 6.司法機關 7.終審法院 8.自由貿易政策

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  10. 功能的全體選民︰ 每個功能的部門在香港特別行政區裡描述一重要的經濟,社會或者頭班組。 合格的選舉人能投票贊成他們的部門的代表。基本法規定那LegCo的組成 隨逐漸和有序的發展而變,最後透過普選權應該有LegCo的全部成員的選舉。 他們適合改進環境並且...

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