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  1. ...解析]伴侶(們);同伴(們),朋友(們)[C][G] People are judged by the company they keep. 根據某人結交的朋友便能判斷其人了。 She&rsquo...

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  2. ...無關。 如果用較生活化的英語說法,「外貌協會」指「以貌取人」,說法包括: Judging people by their appearance.(哈佛網站:

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  3. ...someone when you first meet him or her? 答: I will judge someone by what clothes he or she wears , what does his or ...

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  4. ...) Judgi ng from (C) Consider       (D) Judged by 正解 :(C) Consider 關鍵在於有連接詞and, 就排除了分詞構句...

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  5. 心美 , 人就美 Beautiful person are judged by their good hearts.

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  6. ... knows what I am thinking. Do not judge me by your thought. I am feeling so bad that I...

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  7. ..., the scholarship is more than you need. In U.S., they judge by your skills not by your relationship. God bless you.

  8. ...more difficult than judging other people. 8.IfYou if can appropriately judge by yourself, then you are a necessarily true wise man.

  9. You can not catch old birds with chaff. --->薑是老的辣。 Do not judge a book by its cover. --->不要以貌取人。 解答結束,不知道是不是你想要的答案= =

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  10. The author believes that a lie is rational or not that will be judged by objectivity of its costs and benefits.

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