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  1. ...美齒貼片都是在診所內客製化完成, 做的逼真也很有美感,https://ismile- joy推薦給你參考。

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  2. 你的問題都很簡易啊! 1. ...and I checked out(辦完事就摔掉對方???). 在這裡,checked out的意思是: 意志力的分散 (故意的或者不是故意地) 就像: Obama checked out in the middle of his second debate (with Romney). = 奧巴馬在第二次辯論中...

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  3. ... journey for Earth. His journey to Earth was no joy ride, at least in comparison to that accompanied by Elliot. He...

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  4. ...先進, 推薦你可以找他幫你治療, 相信可以讓你免擔心這些疑慮。 http://ismile- joy 診所電話: 04-2254-2020

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  8. Humor is a quality of perception that enables us to experience joy even when faced with adversity. 幽默是即使在面對逆境時也能歡欣以對的感知特質。

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  9. Today is your birthday and I would like to take this opportunity wishing you good health, prosperity and lots of luck. Also, I'm deeply grateful for what you've done especially given me constant inspiration in various aspects and...

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