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  1. 《人在囧途》(英語:Lost On Journey )是2010年上映的一部中國公路喜劇電影,由葉偉民執導,文雋監製。 導演 葉偉民 監製 文雋、張天舒 編劇 文雋、田羽生、史晨贇、徐元豐 主演 徐崢 王寶強

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  2. ...的過程中,受到情感脅迫與強暴,擁有了一個不被祝福生命。 During the journey of love, (she) endured emotional violence and assaults so as to possess...

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  3. ...really scared me, only Poor no jumper is fortunate that the journey is going well This is an unforgettable and amazing...

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  4. ... my first time traveling to Taiwan, and that journey left us some wonderful memories. As our another plan ...

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  5. ... believe it will always accompanying me through my future journey , and my prospects of future success.

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  6. ... the end of that trip, he determined that he would, one day, trek journey to Earth to visit Elliot. Now, more than 35 years...

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  7. 1. Helen may have to respond to this post for she knows every thing about articles now. 2. Is this question on the "the" for the "passion" or the "the" for the "patriot"?

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  8. ... subject) Because of this protective mechanism. we can survive our journey to a certain place. 因為(大腦)有這種防衛機制,我們外出某地時,才能活著...

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