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  1. ... anyone tell me if Shoushan's foreign language dept. course should be accepting me, if the English B plus(B++) with...

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  2. ...force=esp. against one's will eg:-He complained that he has been "forcibly" held to eat to mouth by the fellow-friends without...

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2021年02月19日

  3. ...上(collocation) 的用法。 以下抄自牛津字典中的解說: (1) An "act" is usually followed by preposition "of" and/​or used with an adjective...

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2021年02月18日

  4. flowing ringlets是"長卷髮"的名詞(附上髪廊圖示) fell in是動詞片語中"垂飄著"fell的(in)狀態的形容 「她的頭髮紅得發亮並且長長卷曲地垂飄在她的雙肩上。」(句子這樣形容)

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  5. 耕牛開始耕作,帶來一年的豐收。 Are the meaning of the Chinese Proverb in Happy Chinese New Year 2021.

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  6. (A) 比較常常聽到的是: Why are you helping me? 與 Why did you help me? ...

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  7. 歌名的好像不一樣

  8. ...知道你為什麼總是遲到。 I wonder why you have always been late. - 評語: 翻譯句用why和always是一種”指斥”語氣...經常”發生的狀態並不配合理解(錯用),簡化寫成you are always late才是英語人會用的說法(時態是”現在表示...

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2021年02月09日

  9. semi-colon is the punctuation mark (;) used in writing, between a comma and a full stop in value eg:- This one is hot (;) this is very hot (;) this one hottest.

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