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  1. ...片語 ~ adverb phrase for reason):     The man sued the company having been dismissed illegally. 或 Having been dismissed illegally...

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  2. 十八羅漢 BE %85%E6%BC%A2 佛經只有列出十六羅漢,並無十八羅漢

  3. 有些包裝會標示「奶素」,以下影片有介紹素食起司,我之前看過覺得不錯,可以參考看看 https://youtu. be /XjCXM70h_5o

  4. The teachers are keen on the students taking part in the ...形容詞子句來形容是怎樣的學生,當然也不會是省略了 who are 。 (補充部分一:) keen on 某人是喜愛某人,指被某人...

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  5. 後面的句子已經有主詞和受詞了,要用到who的時機是後面的句子缺少主詞或受詞的時候,而且這句用who意思怪怪的。最重要的是,這句是名詞子句,不是形容詞子句

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  6. 哪來雙動詞 這句的主要要動詞只有 is 其他都加ing 不是動詞 A large flock of sheep 中文-->一大群羊 flock是名詞  中文叫「群」 large 是形容詞  形容flock

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  7. ... (from human to horses) without opposition.; expressing an action which is done to the subject(=horses) of a sentence. In grammar the passive...

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  8. It means  President Joe Bydon always comes to be My Father as CEO,  to express a threatened warning with somebody,  if you didn't obey me.

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  9. The verb is followed by an indirect object (IO) and a direct object (DO). ... slowly bring (home)---S+v the cart or wagon----phr;(DO) which is piled up high----adj cl. with the newly mowed hay-----adj phr----(with=preposition...

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  10. ...ying"the meaning of the written Composition500 must be interpreted by your good self:- ----------My future is not...

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