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  1. 自助旅行的 英文 講 backpacking 就可以了 Backpacking is a subculture of generally...roughly defined as travellers that travel with a rucksack (a large backpack) instead of a suitcase. (from Wikipedia)

  2. 我在學生時代就沒有把 英文 學好,一直到後來職場升遷總是擦身而過...因為我同學也跟我有同樣的狀況, 英文 程度不好在工作上有阻礙 後來他選擇...好幾個單字 也可以輕鬆在家線上學 英文 ,想學好 英文 的人這是一個很不錯的...

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  3. the values of humanity? whatever happened to the fairness and equality instead of spreading love we spreadin animosity lack of understandin leading ...

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  4. If, instead of wanting to study the development of that particular child, we were ...

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  5. ...主張" " DIY of commercial organizational system is advocated instead ". 

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  6. ...restrict their service field scope to Obstetrics and Gynecology, instead , many other departments are also available.

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  7. ...exercise for a long time, and they would feel cooler wearing a crew cut instead of long hair as most females do.

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  8. 1. Instead of chemically extracting caffeine from the beans, which is how we...

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  9. ...not to implement and the water struggles the place the policy, instead returns Yu He the concept, even is...government's plan document. 我也不是很清楚耶.我用我很爛的 英文 翻的= = 應該說是台灣 英文 ~

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  10. 安安^^ 試譯如下,如有問題可以再修正: Instead , as my twenties had come to a close,that deadline... English)若答案裡有兩字連在一起,請把它分開學 英文 不要怕犯錯,但要常用。※

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