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  1. instead 本身是一個副詞,所以可以單獨放在句尾或句首,在中文的意義上,習慣做發語詞--即要先譯出!!表示「相反地,反而」 而 instead of(介) + Ving/n.表示「代替~,而不!」 Ex. This little boy...

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  2. Instead of a game or animation, Hatsune Miku is a character created with a singing ...the "UTAU family", or the "U family", which some of the users choose to use this one instead . Hatsune Miku: blue, double-ponytailed hair Her accessories: spring onion

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  3. Instead of returning the defective item, I like to propose a $20,000 partial refund to allow me to have the hand bag repaired. This will save you some shipping cost. Your prompt response will be appreciated.

  4. Instead of blaming yourself for the errors you have made, try...

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  5. Instead of asking other people looking the dictionary for you, can you buy a dictionary...

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  6. 先幫你整理 insteadinstead of 的用法: 1. Instead ...1-1. Ted doesn't want tea. Instead , he wants coffee. 1-2 Ted...19 23:59:23 補充: typo: 留下來的--> instead 前面的--> coffee

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  7. The difference between " instead " and "on the contrary" is not what the Chinese translation... completely different from what is said earlier. " instead " is used to describe things that are similar but not...

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  8. Instead they just gave them their medicines,made their beds and moved on. 反而,他們只拿藥給他們,舖床,然後就走了。 (應該有上下文,句子翻起來會比較通順)

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  9. Instead , he will blast off in October for six or seven months in orbit with...

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  10. Instead of going into a panic, let's strategize the best way to meet the deadline...

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