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  1. 其實enquire同 inquire 既意思都係詢問,打聽,探詢,調查之類啦!~從英文去解釋 inquire 就係to seek information by questioning; ask: to inquire about a person. enquire就係 conduct an inquiry or investigation of; "The...

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  2. enquire is old spelling for inquire ,which is preferred in contemporary usage.

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  3. ...begin with auxiliary verbs. The verb say is changed to ask, inquire ,want to know, wonder, question, More on Indirect questions...

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  4. conliriety {US 的 用法 }=anti-roll bar (抗側傾杆; 防搖晃杆 - 裝置在汽車懸架系統中的杆梁, 用以防止汽車拐彎時側傾搖晃, 保持較大穩定性) griety {USA的 用法 }= portrait (肖像,畫像;相片)

  5. ...不要用 Dear Sir or Madam, 因為這過於簡單, 在英文信中, 此 用法 不夠嚴肅。 因字數所限, 以下是已改了的文章內容 (和一點注解): I...

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