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  1. ... knowledge,等同說出a boy or a girl is city is well- informed about the affairs of the world = has better knowlege. 

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  2. According to the shipping arrangement you informed earlier, the following Lots ... to ship in 3 batches; not Lot 1 of 4 fcl and Lot 2 of 2 fcl as referred...

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  3. ...amendment-------- Dear Sir(Citron-prisonner), ---We have to inform you that we have received no reply to a statement of our account sent to you on July 2nd. ---Settlement...

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  4. Inverted or not depends on the meaning of the sentence:- not--adv; not to v--at front:-eg:- You=one, are wrong not to inform the police in the school. Can we not go to the garden?---No, we must go...

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  5. ...equal, Marrianne would/would not marry Edward. She was informed ------s v all was practicable------adv cl. other than her self-command practised on the engagement.----------adv cl of reason

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  6. ... the "Socks" that's reliably informed for you all. The local product is the ...product. The local sock is a covering of soft material for the foot including part of the...

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  7. ...the money. He insisted that I was wrong. Please inform us of any changes in your circumstances. Parents ...

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  8. The translation from E/J:- ----->I regret to inform you that as I'm too busy because of recent work, I would like to take a break from the Japanese class.

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  9. 他是說: 公司董事會 已經依照 法規 規定 決定 了 股息 數目與發放日期. 並提醒 股東 一些稅務 規定. 這些都是 官樣文章 沒什特殊 對一般 常務股東 一點新意 都沒有

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