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  1. 感染性單核球過多症 infectious Mononucleosis 傳染性單核球過多症 infectious mononucleosis...把皰疹病毒傳給對方,導致生殖器皰疹。 感染性單核白血球增多症( infectious mononucleosis):別名腺熱(mono),也稱吻病(kissing disease...

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  2. Infectious mononucleosis is most frequently encountered among children and young adults. The diagnosis of IM is based on clinical, hematological and serological findings... out in the same way as for presumptive test.A heterophile agglutinin titre of 1:10 or more in absorbed serum samples was considered to be positive for diagnosis of infectious mononucleosis.

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  3. ...年和2005 之間, 主要的醫療廢棄物是一般工業廢料, 佔總醫療廢物的76.9%-79.4% 。 Infectious industrial waste accounted for 19.3%–21.9% of total medical waste.感染性...

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  4. infectious 好像沒有反義字,不過動詞infect有,disinfect legal - illegal

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  5. The phrase “ infectious industrial waste” rather than “medical waste” ...傷害的)廢棄物質需要經過(特殊的)清理動作與標準」。 Infectious industrial waste encompasses the waste generated...

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  6. 傳染性單核白血球增多症 或 傳染性單核球增多症( infectious mononucleosis)是一種由 EB病毒(Epstein... in the blood of someone suffering from infectious mononucleosis- heterophil antibody, heterophile antibody3. http://health...

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  7. 2.3. Production of infectious industrial waste 感染性工業廢棄物之產量 To develop suitable infectious industrial...策略 以感染性工業廢棄物的數量和形成為特徵是很重要的 The quantity of infectious industrial waste produced depends upon several factors such as...

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  8. 2. Classification and production of infectious industrial waste in Taiwan 2.1. Data collection...the classification, control regulations, and treatment of infectious industrial waste in Taiwan. The estimated...

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  9. 應該是 infectious fasciitis 譯為感染性筋膜炎 2006-09-22 15:59:04 補充: R/O 是懷疑、疑似的意思

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  10. Tobu - Infectious (Mix) 2014-10-10 13:19:07 補充: 是純音樂的mix喔

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