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  1. ... and developments as well. Thus a sign with 'work in progress ' written on can be hung on the wall outside a construction site, or...

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  2. 小卒論壇有:

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  3. Do it yourself or ask your teacher for answer

  4. ... Building and / or Commercial Building. Work- in - progress ( in most of the cases, it refers to stock) is not ...

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  5. 目前網上只有: Chapter 1-10

  6. ...工,而原本有500件做左一半ge貨,甘個process咪應該有1500件貨lor~~(500opening work in progress +1000input material=1500) 甘減左transfer to process2,減埋個normal loss o既units...

  7. 我有中文版...要就@我

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  8. The present continuous is jumping are in progress now. eg:-Mary is jumping. The action of jumping...

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  9. We use the past continuous tense for an action or situation that was in progress at a particular time in the past. I met her when we were ...

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