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  1. " in the hole "這一句的解釋~~~ (1)赤字,欠債,負債 。 (2)在比賽過程中,面臨比數不利的狀態。{美口語}。 那"Fire in the hole "這句話,可以解釋為:反攻、反擊,之意。

  2. ...中文的歌詞喔 只有找到英文的 Putting Holes in Happiness The sky was... longer than you Putting holes in happiness We'll paint the future black...

  3. say "fire in the hole " before you drink請翻譯中文謝謝 ANS: 一般來說fire in the hole 是軍方用語, 意思是"要爆炸了!!" 這裡的意思應該是"乎乾啦"的意思

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  4. 先解釋" in the hole "這一句,(1)赤字,欠債。(2)在比賽過程中,面臨比數不利的狀態。{美口語}。那"Fire in the hole "這句話,可以解釋為:反攻、反擊,之意。

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  5. the condom it is all brown Last night I stuck it in the wrong hole I'm so sorry from the bottom of my soul Cause I...

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  6. FIRE IN THE HOLE →敵人已經來到自己的巢穴!!or敵人已經來到自己的基地!!敵人已經來到我軍的基地!!

  7. ...播嗎? 果嶺旁的觀眾在選手用推桿推出球後...會一直喊「 IN THE HOLE !... IN THE HOLE !... IN THE HOLE !...」不絕於耳...

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  8. holes in them 的照翻的話就是 "洞在它們裡" 口語化就是說鞋子上有... has to wear a skirt today because her jeans have holes in them" 意思是因為他的酷子裡有破洞, 所以他今天要穿裙子 至於...

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  9. ...think each of us in this world, there is a big hole in my heart, is on the inside, the branches... of being buried, naked spread in the Sun not to salvation, don't need a cure and...

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  10. 你喊完就跑,沒聽到大家喊的是”好破的英文”