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  1. Meaning: to ask whether it is sunny, raining, hot or windy in one area at a particularly time Examples: What was the weather like when you...

  2. ...一定要打好根基。 如果你真係父母請你同佢講。 如果你係同學請認真一點。 in a hurry 係指 匆忙地 at once 係指 立即 1. You should do your work at...

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  3. In a hurry [急切]- Another form of [Rush] She is in a hurry to see her child in the hospital.

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  4. 香港 - 中小企業 trading 澳門 - 賭博 珠海 - 旅遊業 澳門回歸前 official language 係葡文,回歸後係中文。

  5. 定點描寫法: 非常清晰, 可描寫四周景物。 步移法: 令讀者可感覺自己在走路, 很逼真。 直接描寫: 很直接, 清晰。 間接描寫: 可婉轉地突出描寫對象, 起襯托作用。

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  6. ... my work"是: " Simple past Tense in form, but past perfect Tense in meaning." ﹝形式上是一般...

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  7. 咁你個Foxy應該中左毒喇 洗機or請教高人啦

  8. 圖片參考: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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  9. ...'s get going. make tracks Move or leave in a hurry , as in If we're going to catch the first show, we&...

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  10. ... do you break up for Christmas? 你們什麼時候放假過聖誕節? in a hurry , slow down , Clean up ....這都是prepositional Phrases 因為它們可以...