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  1. I miss the open countryside in my hometown, but it is faraway. When I think of it, I just have to open the window to soften my mood and impress all good memories tighter.

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  2. 同學~你的作文斷句不太好耶… 這樣會造成我 翻譯 的困擾… 我有稍微修改一下,但不影響你要表達的意思 The travel which impressed me the most is that traveling around Taiwan with ...

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  3. ... it? I have seen that video, and I was somewhat impressed . Do you play any music instrument? It seems like that you play some...

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  4. ...,and the unique aboriginal cultures. Now,I am still impressed at the experiences in person. 2011-04-16 19:26:28 補充: 抱歉 少翻 but...

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  5. 您工廠的製程令我印象深刻, 而您對於製程的解說也很詳細. 更巧的是, 您所用的製程與我這學期一直在研究的獨立專題很雷同. 也許, 待我完成最後的研究報告後能與您分享. 2008-10-19 17:02:52 補充: 更正一下歐: 您的倉儲管理方式令我印象深刻, 而您對於此管理方式的解說也很詳細. 更巧的是...

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  6. 1. As a child I had been impressed by the Boerum House. It was fairly new then,and shiny...

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  7. ...vividly the happy ending, then, to regret to a strong finish. I am very impressed , and agree with the sister act, that this is the truest ends.

  8. Rhetorical question to impress only:- ---People who know me don't have to try to explain to; ---People who don't know me need not try to explain to.

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  9. ...and getting to love this school, especially the ethical code of teachers impressed me so much. what s more, the sharing of teaching experience and...

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  10. ...也不願以punk band的方式出了名離開. 『Well, so far I'm not impressed .』 到目前為止你還沒有讓我信服的理由. impressed :被感動的.

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