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  1. 質量管理體系 是否有質量手冊(電子或硬拷貝),它保存在一個受控的方式? 的文件和數據的審查和授權的人員批准,發行前? 是否有一個主文件清單是根據需要控制和更新? 是否所有有關文件提供給運營商那裡的功能正在執行? 管理職責 是質量的政策落實,有可衡量的質量目標是...

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  2. 政府接受委員會所有的建議,並且正跟委員會和業界緊密合作做到可以實踐它們。

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  3. ... is the best serves as a platform to let out implement my innovative ideas and to learn about materializing them...

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  4. ... are receiving special training to learn how to implement the computer into classroom instructions. There will be a special laboratory...

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  5. 中文: "實施車輛單雙號限行規定" 英文:"Odd and even numbers of vehicles to implement the provisions of the limit line."

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  6. ... that those captains can now return home. Japanese should have implemented this much earlier. They do not have the rights to capture ...

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  7. The government would face challenges implementing this policy,but i believe it would be as successful as the indoor smoke-free policy Implementing ...

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  8. 一般應用錯誤. 啟動除錯的輸出, 以檢視詳細的信息. 切換至參照光柵的軟件工具, 它是執行整個Direct3D的功能集, 但是其運行速度非常緩慢 .

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  9. ... responsible for all the marketing activities including implementing and executing various kinds of promotion programs. In...

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  10. 英:One needs to implement what he or she wants. If one is confident enough, his or her goal could be achieved. 中:想做便要去實行,有信心就能達到

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