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  1. 曲名: Impatient 藝人:Will.I.Am  這首曲子是Estelle演唱的...google搜尋影音試聽確認:  Dailymotion - Will.I.Am - Impatient (American Boy Original Track)  Estelle...

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  2. I am impulsive; You are impulsive. "Impetuous" has cannotation of violence so it may not fit your needs.

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  3. 1.mean (吝嗇的)的相反辭應該是generous (慷慨的,寬大的) 2. impatient (沒耐心的)的相反辭是patient (耐心的) 3.cowardly (膽小鬼)的相反辭是bold (大膽的) 4.polite (有禮貌的,客氣的)的相反辭是impolite (不禮貌的),rude (粗魯的)

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  4. ...can imply that the person whom you are addressing is impatient . 這說明你剛對話的那人性子很急、沒什麼耐性 to imply 暗指 (動詞) to address...

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  5. 1.The girl waiting for the bus there looks impatient . The girl = S looks = Vi impatient = SC 第二...

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  6. ..., please. 請注意 remark= 備註 goat= 山羊 複數+s carrier=運送人 (國貿用詞) impatient =沒耐性的 ex. She is becoming impatient . Lastly=finally...

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  7. He shows impatient , annoyed(=irritated) by expression on his face intentionally.

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  8. ...就是 很有耐性 2006-10-26 22:49:41 補充: 漏了造句4.I am not impatient at all for taking care of my son. 我很有耐心地照顧我的兒子

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  9. ... dad is a gentle and considerate, my mom is has impatient personality but very kind, my older brother just out of retired from...

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  10. ...不耐煩的樣子." His attitude was really bad. He was impatient when others asked him a few questions. He...

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