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  1. ...地址??新加坡移民局 ( ICA ) = Immigration & Checkpoints Authority 地址 Immigration & Checkpoints Authority ICA Building 10 ...

  2. ...39;s neck 1. Pursue someone closely; pose a threat to one, as in The immigration authorities were breathing down his neck. [Mid-1900s] 2. Watch...

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2012年01月23日

  3. ... are free to choose as soon as they have properly notify the immigration authority for the change of address. 2014-10-11 15:57:01 補充: What do you mean by...

  4. You can try Immigration & Checkpoint Authority .

    分類:汽車與交通 > 航空器 2009年07月25日

  5. 不慎遺失,須至移民關卡局( Immigration & Checkpoints Authority , ICA)申請補發後才能出境。

    分類:汽車與交通 > 航空器 2013年01月18日

  6. ...新加坡移民關卡局(ICA)或透過ICA之e-XTEND服務線上提出申請 IMMIGRATION & CHECKPOINT AUTHORITY VISA CARD 三摺卡 (入境白卡)

    分類:旅遊 > 其他:景點 2012年09月18日

  7. ...eligible because you gave up. b. When adoption is simply a tactic for immigration , the U.S. Government has the authority to revoke the residency and subsequent citizenship.)

  8. ...著很大的影響。 With the gradual economic recovery in Taiwan, government authority is evaluating to loosen up the immigration constraint on backpackers from China. Such policy change, once...

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2011年03月28日

  9. ...)(務必妥慎保管,出境時繳回機場移民官;倘不慎遺失,須至移民關卡局( Immigration & Checkpoints Authority , ICA)申請補發後才能出境)。 ...

  10. allow you to enter and how long you can stay. Only the U.S. immigration officer has the authority to permit you to enter the United States.

    分類:旅遊 > 其他:景點 2006年03月08日

  1. immigration authorities 相關