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  1. Taiwan immigration 就是說台灣的移民局 或者移民廳 移民署 看政府是怎麼叫就是怎麼叫 大概吧 2008-03-29 21:27:54 補充: 移民應該是 immigrants

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  2. Customs to the Revenue officials after clearing immigration for a VAT refund. 中文的意思是: 因退稅而准予移民之後,你需要提出...

  3. emigration指的是移出某個國家 immigration 指的就是移民摟 另外migration指的是遷移 The emigration of this country ...

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  4. ...登機牌 boarding pass (card) 機場候機樓 airport terminal 護照檢查處 passport control immigration 國際候機樓 international terminal 行李領取處 luggage claim; baggage claim 國際航班出港...

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  5. NO, simply put, you have no legal grounds to petition for her at all now. Not until after you are married anyway... Check the eligibility for green ard here:

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  6. Immigration =移民 and=並且 Naturalization=歸化 Service=服務

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  7. 1. You mention how sorry you feel about their decision and how wrong they deny you. 2. You discuss why you are qualified by rebutting their reason(s). 3. Offer further discussion and request formal review.

  8. Immigration Department uses the term "ordinary reside", not "physically reside". the leave is business/leisure travel). In defining "ordinary reside", Immigration Department has its discretion on how a leave should be included or...

  9. I need all lazy bums that are just too lazy to do their homework to go away and do it themselves. Each lazy bum must try it for atlease 5 times or more before they come and ask for stuff. thanks!

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  10. 按照NZ Immigration 裡是寫: Am I eligible for an indefinite...previously imposed under section 18A of the Immigration Act. and - you have spent a lot of time in...