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  1. .... In the office too, you are additional, specially employed  if you 've the help;or being seen a US psychiatrist, an expert in psychiatry...

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  2. ...agent of your brand or district distributor. 若您有合作意願麻煩請與我聯繫 Please contact us if you are looking for business opportunities in Taiwan.

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  3. ...便要留意寫出來(中文人大部份時間無法自動察覺這情況) if you have other ways to learn English.. 那接下來的後句亦應該改為 please share THEM with me. Wish you to have...

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  4. ...window open. Normally, someone will say this request or order if you forget to close the window again after you open it (for some personal...嗎? Just say: Don't open the window, please . (.. keep it closed, thank you .)

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  5. 你的貨在四月十一日己寄出,尤於你選擇的運送方式並無法追踪貨物運送流向, 一般約需要十五到三十天才能寄到, 但不包括海關時間, 若你五月二十二日仍未收到, 請再聯絡賣方。 問台灣海關吧。 一般要寄到不同國家都有填海關單, 你問他能否海關單影本給你, 有可能卡在海關...

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  6. ... of those at fault but give you a hint by means of assonance in.... Otherwise ( If any information is leaked... destroyed. So, please keep in mind!

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  7. ...receive my returned parcel, please resend it to another address: " ..... ADDRESS ..... " ( Thank you very much for your assistance... parcel, l would be grateful if you would resend it to the following...

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  8. If you don’t look down on me, please treat me as your friend. You are welcome to chat with me anytime for any topics.

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  9. ...we can offer is USD1.2. If this price is unacceptable, we can sell you our remaining stock of 14000...96 before they are taken. Please consider this offer soon. 請恕未能每字...

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  10. ...for a gift voucher or product price 4/5 to be refunded; with the receipt. eg:-(3) You have bought and return it(=on the item=money or goods) in Exchange...

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