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  1. ... my teaching experience, I am confident that I can relate to students very well. (依我的教學經驗,我相信能與學生相處的很好...

  2. ... cannot compare their relationships. But I can say Econ. has definitely more related programmes in University like BBA and Social ...

  3. Speed, distance and time calclate the speed of the bird how far it has to travel in time the time taken for the bird to travel. these are more like physics. i hope this could help.

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  4. ...hear her, but I hear her. I can feel her pain and I can relate to her story. I feel that I must tell her story. I ...

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  5. can also fulfill my curiosity. If I have a chance, I wish I can pursue Mathematics- related matters with detailed research.

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  6. The video links: 1. 2. related ~ I hope I can help u!!^-^~

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  7. ... this song 2. The theme is that a person can do everything as long as you believe in yourself 3. The movie... Jam" 4. In 1996 圖片參考: i /tw/ugc/rte/smiley_1.gif

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  8. ... present perfect tense "have kept" should be used to relate to "for many years". I can 't except it. "accept" is the correct word. You either need...

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  9. employee turnover rate Total number of employees leaving in the past 12 months = ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- x 100% Average number of employees within the year

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