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  1. ... = 腳踏車,兩輪的 Cycle = 腳踏車,但不一定是兩輪的 3. Ballooning 、 Hot air ballooning Ballooning = Hot Air Balloon ...

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  2. 1.People have going up in hot air balloons since 1783. 人們從1783年起會乘坐熱氣球 2.The idea of going up...

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  3. 36.The best title is (A. Early Hot - air Balloons B. A Historic Balloon Ride C. ...

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  4. I want to try hot air ballooning . This is because it will make me feel romantic as I smoothly...

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  5. ... 滑水橇;滑水板 3.parasailing 駕降落傘由汽艇牽引的帆傘運動 4. hot air ballooning 熱氣球飛行 5.rowing 划船 6.snorkeling 浮潛 7.paragliding 飛行傘...

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  6. 基層跳 學走器競賽 熱-空氣乘氣球 繩索路線 降落傘

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  7. spelunking洞穴探索, 洞穴研究scuba diving潛水, 深海潛水surfing衝浪hang gliding滑翔翼sky diving空中跳傘 hot air ballooning 熱氣球mountain climbing登山bungee jumping彈跳

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  8. hot air balloon 來源奇摩字典

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  9. ...on an elephant? By fire engine, ambulance or police car? Or even by horse, hot air balloon , submarine or taxi? Do you have any more unusual/odd thinking?

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  10. ...a kite every night. 過去簡單式: 主詞+動詞過去式 Clo flew the hot air balloon designed by Scot. 未來簡單式: 主詞+will/shall+原形動詞 Clo...

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