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  1. ... noun also refers to something which has no physical form...important (adjective), importance (abstract noun) honest (adjective), honesty (abstract noun) happy...emotion (abstract noun) good (adjective), goodness (abstract noun) kind (adjective), kindness...

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  2. ...straightforward direct frank outspoken blunt candid ingenuous unreserved honest - to - goodness heart- to -heart 4.代價 price cost expense terms 5.潛意識 the subconscious...

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  3. Mrs Yip is honest - to - goodness 太恤直,但勇於面對困局,可惜未有演好一個完美偽善者 Mrs Chan is deceptive,only like to laugh, she's a good actor好演員,97前演一條好英國狗,97後演一個完美偽善者,笑面虎!

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