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  1. If being honest , we will feel better. Maybe if the teacher have mark ur test wrongly, and... bad to be dishonest and can't sleep whole night. And being honest will give a good remark from teacher. Hope it can help u

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  2. honest [adjective ] -truthful or able to be trusted and not likely to steal, cheat or lie honestly [adverb] -in a way that is truthful honesty [noun] -the quality of being...

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  3. Honest deceiver:誠實的騙子 -------------------------------- Honest 可解作: 誠實 老實 正直...deceiver 可解作: 騙子 所以 Honest deceiver的意思是誠實的騙子 而An honest liar亦是誠實的騙子的意思 希望可以幫到你;D 2010-12-05 00:23:44...

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  4. ...problem. The ppl in petdoghk told me need to add some water to honest kitchen raw diet, yes, raw and dehydrated. And your dog need...

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  5. 1,佢果副係雜deck 2,佢果副跟本唔係闇deck 3,佢唔識玩

  6. 不同…to be honest =要誠實;in fact=事實上

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  7. HONEST comparative=more honest superlative=the most honest BEAUTIFUL comparative=more beautiful...

  8. as honest as you can這句應用來修飾動詞"answer",因此 honest 要用副詞 honestly 全句應改為: You should answer this question as honestly as you can 希望幫到你!

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  9. 哩間有得賣

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  10. Honest Speaking, if you want to go on your study in the University...