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  1. 1. 她讀著清單,直到驚恐的感覺攪進她的胸膛。 2. 在黑暗洞穴中的幽閉恐懼症成了她的家,她抓了大衣和皮夾,衝進了寒冷的夜裡。 3. 她不想死,也不想要後半輩子 ...

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  2. ... Egg Fried Rice Home fried noodles Tower incense... Prawns Calendula pork Brisk pork Wire Brisk Beef

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  3. ... years ago, John was a brisk and extrovert kid who had a lot of friends... dinner and had a shower after he went home, and then he continuously playing ...

  4. ...好想念住在四季明顯的那個地方. Me, too. I especially miss those cool, brisk autumn mornings. 我也是,我特想念那裡的涼爽又輕快的秋晨. 8. ...

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