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  1. tramp與 hike 不一樣 hike 通常是長距離,以娛樂,健康,訓練為目的在野外的徒步健行tramp 是以穩定的步伐行走

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  2. hike 徒步旅行,遠足 John & I went hiking last week near the Sequoia National Park. trail 小徑 ...

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  3. 爬山也算是健行的一種,所以答案是C-(以上皆是)

  4. Hiking is full of adventure. A good plan as well as complete gears ...pair of comfortable shoes can protect their feet and assure a safe hiking . 2006-03-29 19:00:00 補充: 樓上兩位的應該都是翻譯機的吧?! ^^ 2006-03-31...

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  5. 據我所知"健行"~~ "建"的意思是健康 "行"的意思是行走,走路 有助於健康的行走(健走) 像是爬山,散步之類的 不過健行比較是屬於有坡度的 比較不適用於平地 應該是如此:)

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  6. ...結構 亦即 Because the weather was nice, we decided to go hiking . ---------- the weather [being] nice, we decided to go hiking ...

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  7. 通常我們建議不會這樣說 因為會跟「進行式」混淆 我會說 It is my hobby to go hiking . Going hiking is my hobby. I like to go hiking . 口語一點認定的話,這一句還可以接受。

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  8. 在森林徒步旅行時, 不要喝水. 在森林徒步旅行時, 不要喝水.

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  9. We attached the copper price hiking list in last two years to you and hope you...large output of copper. There is over 7% hiking on copper price immediately. And the price of nickel...

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  10. 你原本寫的 When they went hiking , they felt down and hurt their feet. 意思是 當他們健行...

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