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  1. 硬:hard 軟:soft 高: hight 短:short 長:long 小:small 大:big 粗:thick 幼:thin 扁:flat

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  2. light sight knight kite bite cite recite despite ignite hight mite 還有很多,很多,不能盡數;但請記得,不但只要押(ai)音,也要押(t)音

    分類:社會及文化 > 語言 2007年03月06日

  3. ...的想法已經不停地湧現, but it wasn't until my third year in hight school that the possibility took hold. 它的可能性沒有落實,直至我在中學...

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  4. Heidi` Hidie係隱藏的意思

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  5. Birth Date:July 13 1983(一九ハ三年七月十三日) Hight :1.88 m(一米八八) Weight:74kg(七十四kg) Speciality:110m...

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  6. underline it. 2010-06-23 13:48:44 補充: Please use pencil and ruler to underline these words. 中譯:請用鉛筆及間尺,間低xx字。

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  7. ...and Western histories while studied in Secondary hight school though even at times got lower marks without ...

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  8. [智珠] 香港 4月10日 - 星辰通訊 (1155)(1155.HK - 新聞 - 公司資料) 剛升破 10天平均價 現報 1.55 港元, 較前收市價 1.52 港元, 上升 1.97% 現總成交量216000股,成交金額326,810港元, 今日最高價1.53,最低價1.5。52週最高價4.4,最低價1.41。息率2.483%。10天MA1.535。50天MA1.617...

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  9. I think most of the high education parents expect their children will be one kind of professional when they grow up(e.g. doctor, lawyer, architect..). Therefore, the high expected parents input most of their time and money for their kids...

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  10. Running a company or shop smoothly relies partly on keeping up the good practice of stock-taking. 一間公司/商店的流暢運作,在某程度上(部份)依賴於保持盤點的良好習慣. smoothly - 流暢 relies partly - 有部份...依賴於 keeping up - 保持/維持, 一定要有up. i.e...

    分類:社會及文化 > 語言 2011年03月09日