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  1. Basiclly, it is right, but could be better like this: It will be greatly appreciated if you could T/T to us at your earliest convenience.

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  2. ...she/they preferred to maintain/keep the original size/dimension. It will be highly appreciated if you could quote for it again./reprice it. Thank you very much for your...

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  3. ... violating the relative anti-dumping rules, we would highly appreciate it if you would let us know its final result or latest status...

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  4. ...the production capacity of coffee is decreasing. It is highly appreciated if you can give us your feed back and we look forward to your...

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  5. ...send it to another address as below: [ADDRESS] Your kindly help would be highly appreciated . Kindly note, thanks! Looking forward to your ...

  6. ...kindly let us know within today if there is any update. And I highly appreciate if you can also let me know when I can get your formal price offer...

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  7. ... on 9/23. Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated . Sincerely,

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  8. ... bank rectifying the said error. Your effort is highly appreciated . Best regards, Xxxxx Xxx

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  9. is well-known brand and its products are highly appreciated by variety of foreign countries in the world.

  10. ...subject should be directed to ........ Your support and follow up will be highly appreciated .

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