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  1. ... 10,000,其餘的金額在下個月支付。 Your kind acceptance is highly appreciated . 感謝你們能夠接受我們的提議。

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  2. ...報價了. 你的價格我們真的無法接受. 9.3.3 1. Your kind acceptance will be highly appreciated . 您體貼的接受將被高度的感謝

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  3. Dear sirs, First of all, highly appreciate your acceptance fo my application. xxx University is an...

  4. ... to you on dd/mm/yy(日期) for your reference. It would be highly appreciated to know whether there is any inquiry about it or not.As long as your...

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  5. ...不過, condolences後面如果是子句的話, 則接人名是可能的: I highly appreciate the condolences Samuel expressed on the mail. = I...

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  6. Your assistance for providing sample is highly appreciated . Our project did make progress more smoothly. Please feel free to contact us if there's any further questions. Once again, thank you very much!

  7. ...喜歡的產品,我們可以為你報個最好的價錢。 Your favorable reply will be highly appreciated . 非常感謝你善意的回覆。

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  8. ...please contact me at your convenience. Your kind response is highly appreciated and thank you a lot. XXX 2006-08-15 13:33:26 補充: 格式跑掉了,這一...

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  9. 這不是成語嗎? Ignoramus s tunnel vision

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  10. ...20ft container this time, kindly note. Your kindly understanding will be highly appreciated . Best regards, xxxx 若是給客戶,那麼...... Dear...

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