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  1. ...我聽到他上樓的沈重腳步聲。 3. 大的;大量的,多的 There was heavy rain yesterday. 昨天下了場大雨。 4. 費力的;繁忙的;沈悶的 I am ...

  2. 落完雨之後河水,海水都變得混濁 是因為雨水在下的時候會沖刷泥土,從而帶着泥土,由河流到海水。此外,雨水也會帶走路的污染物,也會使到落完雨之後河水,海水都變得混濁 。

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  3. ... some parts have seen the worst of the weather, some heavy rain was expected in Tuscany, Venice and Lazio...

  4. 以我所知 HEARVY RAIN 唔會出PC

  5. not react with water, therefore they will stay in the air regardless of the presence of heavy rain . But nitrogen dioxide can dissolve in water to form nitric and nitrous acid. ...

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  6. 我在淋雨中 1) Heavy rain is falling/pouring down on me. 2) I am standing in the rain getting soaking wet. 3) Raindrops keep falling down on me.

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  7. A day I will never forget i remember that there were a heavy rain when i was three years old. i learnt in kindergarten at that time...

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  8. 理論是可以 但使用時便不大自然 這是 collocations 如 習慣用 heavy rain 不是 strong rain 如 習慣用 strong wind 不是 heavy wind 外國人 一聽便知不是 "本土人"的英文

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  9. ... think the date you choose to go to Bali is fine. The heaviest rain fall happen during Nov-Dec. Most of the time, it does not...

  10. 2 sentences are correct: 1. I enjoy to wander at home due to laziness, hot weather and heavy rain . 2. Due to hot weather and heavy rain , it arouse my laziness and I like to stay home.

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