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  1. ...素材站 ICONHK.NET Ver 2 Final ** Heartfelt ... ** http:// heartfelt ~…☆★☆ Fang s Home ☆★☆…~ http...

  2. ...about reconciling with his brother.亨利真心願意與兄弟言歸於好。 heartfelt 例句 1. a heartfelt apology真誠的道歉 whole-hearted:真心實意 陪伴: ...

  3. ... 他們的名字, We would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt thanks to you for taking care of 你兒子的名字 so well. Merry...

  4. 歌手 Kyla - 歌名 Wait For You 收錄於 Heartfelt (這是女生版本,男生版是由Elliott Yamin所演唱的Wait for You)

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  5. ●"笑容"的英文翻譯 a smiling face; a smile; a smiling countenance; a beam (of). ●"真心"的英文翻譯 wholehearted; heartfelt ; sincere; genuineness; Heart Of Gold ; Heart of the gold.

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  6. Being humble is not lip service, but a heartfelt belief. (lip service: Verbal expression of agreement or allegiance, unsupported by real conviction or action; hypocritical respect)

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  7. ...singer because I like his immortal soul chanting, which is so heartfelt expressingly. (2)Second song is from xxx and xxx singer-chorus because ...

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  8. 歌手:Kyla 專輯: Heartfelt 歌名:Wait For You

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  9. ... will turn to the better! I would like to give the most sincere and heartfelt wishes to you: wish you all the best!

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  10. ... Love 或 Love Forever 3 刻骨銘心 = 肺腑深感 = Heartfelt Love 以上提供版主參考。 2011-04-30 16:31:45 補充: 若要刺青/刻戒指...

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