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  1. synonyms = 同義字 guaranty 與 warranty 名詞為同義字 動詞使用方式則相同---- noun 名詞 An assumption... declaration that one will or will not do a certain thing: assurance, covenant, engagement, guaranty , pledge, plight 2, promise, solemn word, vow, warrant, word, word of honor. verb 動詞 ...

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  2. guaranty   n. ( 名詞 noun ) 1. 【事】 保證 2. 【律】 保證書;擔保品;擔保;保障;保證人

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  3. ... attached files are the freight details and a Guaranty Certificate. Please return a scanned file of the Guaranty ...

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  4. There is no such an information based economy structure that can remain striving without guarantying full protection to the originators of creative ideals!

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  5. ...申明書過後,他就會把保證金都退還給您了 Hopefully he will refund the guaranty deposit to you shortly after you submit the application.

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  6. ASUS有所謂無亮點保證,Zero Bright Dot LCD Policy Guarantee,亮點就是bright dot。螢幕亮點在保固範圍可以說: Bright dot of LCD is within(included in) the scope of guaranty .

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  7. ...2) correct discount rate is not applied, (3) goods spoil within guaranty period, or (4) they do not meet the buyer's specifications and are...

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  8. each month a set of original recipes which are simple, economical and guaranty [guarantee??] you the satisfaction of your customers. They ...

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  9. ...02-28 13:20:59 補充: warranty的用途涵蓋各種擔保, 並不限於產品保固書. 事實上 guaranty 與warranty都是「單方面」承擔責任或付款的文書. 2009-03-01 21:55:37 補充: 本人...

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  10. ... for rent . 11以保障我的房子的安全 In order to guaranty the safety of my own house. 12.我想這對我來說是最實際且最安全的投資...

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