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  1. grandson : grandma,how do you got such a long scar on your leg? grandma:um......there is an accident occur the assistance that came from nurses and doctors,I started to accept the scar grandson :Wow! doctors and nurses are formidable .no only for saving patient life but helping...

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  2. Today grandfather early morning 7. times are listening to the radio, he heard very many pleasant to hear songs, afternoon grandfather on the song share which heard him gives him the grandson

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  3. ...significant thing I can give to my dearest daughter and grandson .照顧小孩對我而言,實在是件苦差事,但這很好玩且值得的...type letter in English. 附註:抱歉!我女兒的電腦裡沒有 中文 軟體,因此我只能打英文信。

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  4. ...不同的 different 餓的 hungry 累的 tired 暗的 dim 孫子 grandson 陽台 balcony 麻煩 troublesome 圖書館 library 訓練 train 跳舞 dance...

  5. ...o clock on the same day, there are seven children public ally outside, 14 grandsons , though a few people did not come on the same day , but other people have all come...

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  6. 戴爾夫婦皆已八十多歲高齡。同住的二十二歲孫子瞞著他們,在自己房內私藏大麻。當他因持有毒品而被捕時,他的祖父母甚為震驚。由於該址與一起毒品犯罪中有關,當地的聯邦檢察官決定將房子沒收。於是,州政府勒令這對夫婦離開這間他們擁有了四十多年的房子。 戴爾夫婦並未犯下...

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  7. ...姪孫grandnephew 姪孫女grandniece 姪媳婦nephew s wife 孫女婿granddaughter s husband 孫媳婦 grandson s wife 曾孫great- grandson

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  8. grandfather  祖父grandmother  祖母 grandson   孫子granddaughter  孫女兒son  兒子daughter  女兒cousin  堂(表)兄弟姊妹niece  姪女uncle  叔aunt  嬸

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  9. ... Smith; 底下有 5 個兒(son)女(daughter). 若再往下畫, 就叫 grandson /granddaughter; 再下, 叫 great grandson /granddaughter. 再看這張: http://www.familytreediscovery...

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  10. ...朋友的孫子」昨天去爬山 John's classmate's aunt's friend's grandson went mountain-climbing yesterday. 這樣看起來是很怪, 那是因為 中文 原文就怪之故, 不過這就是正確寫法. 2009-01-30 23:48:11 補充: Roger...

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