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  1. 就是"更衣室". 但是,在外國他們不會用" gowning room",而是用"changing room" (A changing room...

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  2. cap and gown cap 是指學士帽 gown 是指學士袍 要正式一點可說 graduation cap and gown 2007-02-13 08:48:47 補充: mortar-board 學士帽 和 academic costume /academic dress 學士服...

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  3. I want my wedding gown in Cathedral style (with about 10 feets of the gown touching...

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  4. Why is a hospital gown like health insurance? You're never as covered as you think you...

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  5. Gown 的"Head Honcho" Ah, the face of an angel The...

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  6. ...likely experienced) (while dressed in cap and gown ) is that of dread, with visions of a future...修飾名詞的是形容詞。 while dressed in cap and gown 是說學生們穿上畢業服時,「最可能體驗到這種感覺...

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  7. ...! 字典查,然後根據你的文章上下文去找最合適的解釋和詞性。 1. gown gown 2. chimney

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  8. White gown sorcerer White gown sorcerer White gown sorcerer

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  9. College Graduation Gowns College Graduation Caps College Graduation Tassels 看看 就知道你的答案了。

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  10. a gown /an operating coat isolated clothing也可以

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