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  1. Various government procurement and their quality indices... fraud, criminal police procurement scandal, etc. The reason it...actively promote the reinventing government movement, the central administrative authority...

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  2. Government Procurement Agreement

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  3. 政府採購法( Government _ procurement _law.htm)所稱之查核金額(第十二條第三項)、公告金額(第十三條第三項及第四十七...

  4. 府採購法( Government _ procurement _law.htm)所稱之查核金額(第十二條第三項)、公告金額(第十三條第三項及第四十七...

  5. Office of Government Procurement Review

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  6. ...第五十六條辦理。 採購法: Government _ procurement _law.htm 第五十六條第四項:「最有利標之評選辦法」見(八八)工程企字第8806853...

  7. ...嘗試這樣翻: A study of legal issues in termination or cancellation of the government procurement contracts in regard of the contractors that hold accountable.

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  8. ...budgetary plan violated the Budgetary Law (預算法) and the Government Procurement Law (政府採購法). "The Control Yuan ...

  9. 圖片參考: 沉月之鑰 government - procurement /article?mid=21699

  10. ... Regulation(美國聯邦採購法)Introduction to the Government   Procurement Act.(政府採購法介紹. )藝文活動 = Art & Cultural...

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  1. government procurement 相關