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  1. 時序: 1. She left. 2. Henry arrived. 3. So she did not see him. 正確答案:B  「過去完成式」she had left在「過去簡單式」he left there之前發生 先離開的她沒看到後來到的他(時序合理)

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  2. 1,This is a huge achievement. 或You do get a huge achievement. 2,若to make the great achievement to achieve great success  這句來...

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  3. She's got a way with her, has Susan. = Susan has indeed...

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  4. ... make it sound so tempting. Now, I just can't wait to get there.

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  5. ...peep regard rubberneck scan scout scrutinize spot spy survey tend feast one's eyes get a load of pore over take a gander take in the sights

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  6. ...accept or agree with what someone has just said  例1. ‘Don’t get angry. She’s only 13.’ ‘Of course.’   例2. ‘The correct...

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  7. ... friend=never have had friend; present participle tense; ----We have not got any friend. ----We have not got any friend like you. ----You haven...

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  8. ...希望对方是肯定認知,而偏用否定來問,例如: Don't you know that he got sick?即認定他必需知道。 3,另外,英語也有明明可以肯定句,偏要用否定+否定...

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