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  1. Also, in compliance with our Seller's Protection Policy for international orders we ship to the Billing address/name only. Please visit our website for the full description of the Shipping procedure. 他這句的意思是說國外卡的話...

  2. ...譬如,可能你可以兩年分期零利率,或者三年分期低利率,之類。 這個 flexible payment 的詞彙,只是用來吸引注意。真正的細節必須要再檢視,不能只靠這個詞。

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  3. 謝謝你打CasinoStar。 首先,我們是很抱歉給您帶來不便。 我們已經檢查了所有你的歷史,發現您的支付硬幣當時沒有被控。 我們會試圖立即處理您的問題,但是,它出來了,你已經退還這筆錢。 此外,如果您退還購買前與我們聯繫,我們將檢查和盡快解決一些回報...

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  4. ... need to reconfirm my reservation? 5. After I make my payments , how do I check-in/ check-out? 6. Could you please provide your...

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  5. ... account at http://adwords. google .com/select/login, and update your payment information. 請從http://adwords. google .com/select/login, 登入你的帳號 , 提供新的付款相關資料...

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  6. .... Please advise on your sending out (order payment note).Thank you." This is non Google .

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  7. 怎麼協助?! 你應該要先把原文貼出來再幫你改吧? 要麻你就上網付費找人幫你寫 這種行為很爛 2008-03-13 11:27:44 補充: 上 google 打essay就會有很多付費別人幫你寫的那種

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  8. 原來樓上實習生 自己 就是 google 大神! 失敬失敬。 請照下列操作指南,我們將在收到款的同一天出貨 美國郵政...

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  9. ... in recent years are subprime, meaning that little or no down payment was made, and that they were issued to households...

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  10. Products are not ready yet. Final invoice & packing list would be provided next week. We will inform you about payment after sending all documents to you. PS: 千萬別用because當文章開頭

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