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  1. We met a lot of network main performing stars that day, which I felt very surprised; because they usually only appear on the cellphone of the network stars. And now I am next to them chatting, filming, and to find...

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  2. 華語「精選歌曲」的日本語譯為「精選歌曲(せいせん かきょく )」、「精選の歌曲」、「精選した歌曲」 # せい‐せん (精選) 釋義:[名詞] (スル) 多くの中から良いものをよりすぐること。えりぬき。例.「精選した原料」。 # か‐きょく (歌曲):釋義1 洋楽の声楽曲。主として独...

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  3. In the face of the "increasing popularity" of the Internet, access to knowledge and "transmission of information" have become easier and convenient whatsoever (adj after noun-the internet= IT facts are accessible to all easily.)

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