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  1. 正確應是: So sad to watch good love go bad 源於The Everly Brothers 的一...heart to see us part So sad to watch good love go bad 親愛的, 你記得嗎你以前的感覺 你說沒什麼可改變...

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  2. that couldn't have gone worse = 衰到無得再衰!

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  3. ...who you think I am 2008-04-12 09:38:34 補充: He been gone since three thirty Been coming home lately at three thirty I'm...

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  4. ... perserving and stabilising effect will degrade, making the perfume go " bad ".

  5. "good girl gone bad "既mp3 link: 2007-06-25 09:03:30 補充:可以系宜到拎(免費)差吾多你首首想要既都有upload mp3既話, 應該系番xanga到整咖喎..

  6. When we were using it, it was going bad . 同一句內的 tense 是要一致, 尤其這句你說正當你們在用那件東西時, 那件東西正在轉壞. 所以應同時用 past continuous tense

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  7. ... - Dont stop the music [Album: Good Girl Gone Bad ] 00:40 Rihanna - Question existing [Album: ...

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  8. ...獨立成句, 意思及文法完整的句子) 2nd: most of which, unfortunately, are left to go bad (relative clause) 3rd: as so much food cannot be consumed in such a...

    分類:社會及文化 > 語言 2008年09月21日

  9. 歌名:Take A Bow 主唱:Rihanna 專輯:Good Girl Gone Bad (Reloaded)(2008) 圖片參考: gone - bad -reloaded-album.jpg

  10. ... is the capital of China 2. My grandmother usually goes to bad very early. 3. I have just finished my Geography project...

  1. gone bad 相關