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  1. it and wear it sometimes. 期待你接下來的作品,永遠會為你加油 I look forward to your next works, and I will always support you. 希望你永遠...

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  2. ... free time, I like jogging, swimming or going to the gym. Regular exercise(s) not only benefit every part... for your time& patience. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2017年02月02日

  3. Parents value us up since early childhood education. So in everyday life often instil ideas into our mind entrepreneur concept to nurture value and ability to go forward .

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  4. ...risk, suggest, understand, be busy, be worth, be used to, go on, give up, approve of, argue about, cannot stand, complain about, depend on, decide on, forget about, insist on, look forward to, object to, plan on, rely on, succeed on, think about, worry about...

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  5. ..., editing and design in Taiwan, so I amlooking forward tobe going backto work in fashion industry when I finish my studies. Thank...

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  6. you wanna go in Japan? A: I wanna go to Mt. Fuji and its amusement parks...: Whoa that's fantastic. Looking forward in our travel to Japan. A: Me...

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  7. ...provisionally arranged and postponed. ----We shall go to UK again for business meeting and visit your admirable... are grateful for your help. ----Looking forward to seeing you.

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