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  1. ... a man who had only one day to live, I’d not waste my life in the hospital. I&rsquo...and eat a simple breakfast with my family. Go to school cheerfully and chat with my ...

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  2. .... If I join both of the two tours, then I will go to some places twice . That is a waste of time. Please let me know if I can change the schedule.

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  3. 我已經回到德州的家了. 哈!我不會忘記像你這樣的人,已經開始想你了.^_^ 嗯...因為想到飢餓的非洲孩童,和在我腦中的你的聲音,我也會記得不要浪費食物. 好了,我太累了,現在要去睡了. 改天在msn和你聊.

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  4. ...出席;未趕上,錯過[+v-ing] She missed going to the party on Saturday. 星期六她沒能出席聚會...these books very much. 我很喜歡讀這些書。 3. waste -- wasted -- wasted 浪費 Peter...

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  5. ...它指的是"目的" ex: i e-mail her for greeting. ex: i go to work early for avoiding the traffic. 指的都是"目的" 原題: Wasting water for using too much 浪費水的目的是.....使用太多? 語意不通 所以...

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  6. ...quot;< 而且你選項有打錯嗎? B -- (B)getting waste 後面要加V-ing B -- (D)take used to +VR 加原型動詞哦!!表示過去的習慣!!

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  7. 標題:最熱門的英文新聞 內容: 一位消防隊員非常生氣 有一位女子打給他 她說她的電視著火了 於是那位消防隊員立刻到她家 只見電視裡有起火的景象 當時那位婦人已經睡著了 當她醒來時以為電視裡ㄉ火是真的 那位消防人員說:「真是浪費我的時間。」 於是將電視關掉

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  8. .... be no good(無益) be no use(沒用) be busy(忙於) be used to (習慣了) be worth(值得) C. spend time/money(花費…) waste time/money(浪費…) D. take turns(輪流) E. can’t help...

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  9. Go to hell... You should do your homework by yourself and do.... This is not the place for a lazy student like you to waste our time. Study harder, kid, otherwise, Taiwan...

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  10. 1.遊行march2.家鄉hometown 3.浪費 waste 4.刺激的 exciting(用來形容事物的) excited(用來...a 〈C〉an 〈D〉this 3.A:How do they go to the libray?答案是D B...

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