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  1. ... company has decided not to offer any sponsorships or gift but use the money for charity. We hope you will appreciate our decision and...

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  2. You are the best gift to your dad. Spend a day with him on his birthday, doing things that you both enjoy and will remember.

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  3. Pls note memo below: Dear Friend, I would like to thank you so much for your gift and your coutesy. I appreciate it so much. Thank you. XXXXXXX

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  4. 給予贈品 !! ----------------------------- 希望幫到您啦 !! 2008-11-25 14:04:13 補充: 可以用 : " 過禮 " !! 像是結婚的過禮, 其實這裡是過些禮物給你的意思 !!

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  5. The gift word is virtuous to attain, the Zhuo county permits city a person...air force to strive for Yuan.When beginning lost in disorder, the gift and mother lost mutually, together the county horse set begged a gift mother, the gift ...

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  6. ...開頭又得, 中間又得(e.g. They have spent much of the red pocket money on gifts for others.) - mainly for 只可擺中間 如要用 mainly for, then: Their...

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  7. 其實送禮物不一定要名貴 只要有誠意就行 你可以親手做一張卡給他 或是親手做一些禮物 要不,,送一個熱情的香吻也可以啊

    分類:社會及文化 > 語言 2008年08月21日

  8. ...participle giving 是 present participle giving out gifts 是 present participial phrase (acts like adjective) 形容...up heads The store giving out gifts is my own store. 送出禮物的商店係我的...

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  9. ...color and inside is Blue color 3) 要既提示越小,,就可以有越多 gift Ans : The lesser tips, the more gifts

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  10. ...39;s baby. 原句: Miss Chan has just received the gift form John.更正: Miss Chan has just received...

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