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  1. ... Get ready so everybody因為根本就還能繼續走下去 Get ready for beautiful dreamその情熱燃やして Get ready for ... ready for beautiful dream歩き始めよう Get ready for beautiful dream開始邁步向前走吧 Repeat*

  2. 免費音樂視聽網站: 這裡幾乎都有 !! . Franks MP3 Zone(註冊) MTV音樂網 網址: 天虎音樂網(免費) 特攻音樂網(免費)

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  3. 1. One America company is getting ready for space travel.They believe that peopular,the trip will be cheap.So ...

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  4. ...test?"嗎? 只有第一句是正的確。第二句的介系詞to不合適。 順便問一下: get ready for ->疑問句是用Do? 在語意上可能會用have而不是do當助動詞:Have...

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  5. A nice, warm shower in the morning really gets me ready for the day. 意譯: 清晨來個美好溫暖的沐浴, 正好為一天的開始作好準備。 ☆ get ..... ready for 為... 作好準備

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  6. 記得歌名好像是 Get Ready for This是荷蘭樂團 2 Unlimited(超越...進入,在頁面中間第三欄有試聽的小圖示)補充: Get Ready for This 歌詞

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  7. .../I/410PNQ4HH2L._SL500_AA240_.jpg 歌名: Get Ready For This 演唱: 2 Unlimited 專輯: Hits Unlimited...

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  8. ...: Standing in the shadows of love I'm getting ready for the heartache to come (can't you see me) Standing in the shadows...

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  9. 1.      I’m sorry about the noise but we (were having) a party 2.      my sister (were getting ) ready for school 3.      She (was making) herself another cup of coffee

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  10. ...歌詞 5,4,3,2 and 1. let's go come on now Get ready for the thunderbirds... Get ready for the thunderbirds 5,4,3,2 and 1, get ...

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