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  1. Get more out of your next holiday. 您下次放假就玩盡些! 2014-06-11 01:15:28 補充...someone or something} = to achieve the greatest output of work, effort, production, etc., out of {someone or something}. 從 xxx 中 獲得最大收益

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  2. it gets them out of their hair " get something/someone out of my hair...09:16:21 補充: Another simple meaning for " get out of my hair" is "leave me alone...

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  3. get out of (逃避, 棄絕) [phrase] He got out of the bad habit. 他改掉了...indicate direction or movement from within to the outside of <walked out of the room> a (2) —used as a function word to indicate a change in quality...

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  4. 即係...係我面前消失! 即係...唔好俾我見到你! 即係...走開! 總之就係叫人行開唔好再煩住你咁解...

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  5. get out of the way = 不要阻礙/不要騷擾/走開... get himself out of the way可能是「他讓開(行動)」(例如在路上站到一邊讓路給別人或車輛...

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  7. 我諗係把你的屁股拿走... hope幫到你

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  8. 可以去youtube度看看!

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  9. ...的意思是不用再擔擱或把它完成。另外按字面用有時亦真會是指不要阻住我- Get out of my way!

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  10. 要整機拆, 有風險整斷裡面的CABLES的。 如不熟悉,建議找專業人員幫手。 我們提供拆機服務,收費相宜,歡迎查詢。

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