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  1. 1. general manager office 2. financial accounting office 3. administration office 4. procreation project department 5. product advance department 6. vendor department 7.council-chamber

  2. the field office general manager 外地辦事處總經理

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  3. 1. General manager 's office 2.The first office 3.The second office 4.The third office 5.Design department 6.Planning department 7.Interior design department 8.Library 9.Makeup

  4. 總經理室-The general manager 's office The managing director's office 秘書 -The secretary 秘書處-The secretariat

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  5. ... Manager =總經理 Assistant General Manager =輔助總經理 Resident Manager ...=家務的主任 Front office Manager =行政管理部門經理 ...

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  6. 總經理室的部門名稱: General Manager 's Office 資料來源:行政院研究發展考核委員會

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  7. CEO = Chief Executive Office = 執行長 GM = General Manager = 總經理 President = President = 董事長,總裁 通常小公司是...

  8. ...或 General Manager 總經理 Deputy General Director執行副總 ...祕書 GM Office Chief Secretary總經理...

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  9. ... Manager Assistant總經理助理 General Manager s Secretary 總經理秘書 ... Representative 銷售代表 Office Assistant 辦公室助理 ...

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  10. ...把原文刪除.. 2006-04-23 21:42:39 補充: "wondering why her general manager had wanted her to spend a day touring the ...

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