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  1. ... to start the experiment. He considered that if makes the gauze and the bandage in the same place, can use a hand to dress a wound. He...

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  2. ...在臺灣持續熱賣 After SARS epidemic, the type of this new innovation gauze mask not only has been sold out, but also sell continuously in...

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2008年05月03日

  3. ...說明臉部。 而特別指明用途,一般的 "口罩",則稱 gauze mask 或 medical mask"。氧氣面罩則稱oxygen face mask,潛水...為例,醫師所所戴的口罩,最早是以紗布製成,所以稱為 gauze mask,現今已採化纖材料。而只要是與醫療相關的面罩...

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2016年12月29日

  4. 波浪紗波浪の紗              Gauze of waves長短毛紗長さの紡毛糸        Tsmucat of length

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  5. ...gown touching the ground) 三呎拖地叫Chapel The gauze starts to puff starting from the waist below, right? (不是很確定是否...

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  6. ... or infected area), then apply the ointment (or medication) and use the gauze to cover it. 2. Please bring this envelope to the dermatology dept on the ...

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  7. ... but also hope.. Everybody can like them for their silk gauze ! !

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  8. ...hope to grow tall, the more important thing is, it is certainly health silk gauze , A happy New Year to everybody! !

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  9. Men contribute the effort as much as climbing over a mountain to chase women; women contribute the effort as much as lifting a gauze to chase men.

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  10. ...avoid ashamed to hold to choke with sobs. The China fir of silk gauze is rotated lightly, the dark dust does not arise . Ride...

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