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  1. ...功能 搜尋: 圖片參考: [ 關鍵字 furnishings ] 約有49,100項符合 furnishings 的查詢結果 ←(點入連結) 二...

  2. ...give us the new price list of 2009? (O) Could you please provide/ furnish us with the new price list of 2009? (O) - 商業上offer這個字九成以上...

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  3. convincing.(資料不足難以令人信服。) OR Thank you for furnishing me with so many data.(謝謝你為我提供了這麼多資料。)

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  4. This offer is somewhat higher at present, will it be competitive? We wonder if you could kindly furnish us with a successful case of deal, and tell us how to cooperate?

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  5. 你好 給你參考一下 希望可幫到你喔 furnishing _changhua-county.htm 可以幫你找到你想要的喔

  6. share 5 bedrooms. House near campus with 3 working people. Furnished room, private bathroom, kitchen provided. Backyard. 800 dollars...

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  7. ...3) time 4) monthly fees Would appreciate your assistance in furnishing the details for my consideration. Regards,

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  8. ...宿舍>>dormitory 4.租約>>lease / rent 出租 5.供應>> furnish / supply 供應 6.房客>>tenant / landlord 房東 7.洗衣店>>laundry 8...

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  9. ...就這些吧 可以參考看看唷 ^^ 台北藤傢俱公司 - 藤沙發組 http://www.rattan- furnishing .com/index.php 拍賣網的藤製沙發