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  1. 呵呵~滿挑的呢~ 可惜我還是滿難抓住你想要的感覺~ 不過~下面這幾張我想你都能試試看~ Estatic Fear- A Sumbre Dance Autumn Tears- Eclipse Black Tape for A Blue Girl...

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  2. http://www. funeral 這是殯儀館的地圖 http://www. funeral

  3. ...對年通知/相關問題諮商)等. 所以並不涉及殯葬業以外的其他禮儀, 建議可譯為: funeral instructor (具殯儀證照者) funeral worker (殯葬從業人員) 2009-03-10 11:43:42 補充...

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  4. religious=宗教上的 (adj.) ceremony=儀式;典禮 (n.) sacrificial=獻祭的;犧牲的 (adj.) alter=改變 (v.) priest=神父;教士(n.) entrance=入口(n.) funeral =葬儀;葬儀的 (n. ; adj.)

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  5. Funeral For A Friend - Recovery

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  6. The funeral had been in the late morning, 那天葬禮是在近中午時刻. but what with...

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  7. ... grandfather was died last week, I must to take his funeral and prayer.According to the legal rules of Taiwan .I...

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  8. stems from beginning Shang dynasty ancient times the funeral and interment, Develop vigorously, because Taiwanese's general...

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  9. 可以用以下關鍵字搜尋您想校的資料: 1. Chinese funeral customs 2. Chinese funeral rites 3. Chinese funeral ...

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  10. 火影忍者 OST4 - hokages funeral 較常見的翻譯為:三代之死、三代喪禮、永恆的三代,但並沒有官方翻譯 試聽...

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  1. funeral 相關